Turn Teamwork into Team Play

Accomplish more and have a great time in doing so!

I am Viktor and I am passionate about opening up new dimensions in teamwork! Cultivating harmonious collaborations by creating safe spaces for transparent communication and nurturing inspired and efficient problem-solving. In a nutshell, I help teams to accomplish more and have a great time in doing so.

Who is this Viktor guy?

and how does he know about this stuff?

I am a creative man in my early thirties living in Copenhagen with a Hungarian background.

I started to work with creativity from a very early age. (Thanks for my parents’ infinite patience when I turned our vacuum cleaner and family BBQ into a blacksmith’s furnace…)

Over time I became fascinated by many aspects of social sciences and I was thinking hard, how can I connect these fields because I love working with each.

Teamwork, innovation, psychology, storytelling…

It was a long learning process linking these knowledge branches until Innovation Haven blossomed into what it is today.

Inspirit teams to flourish and cultivate fresh ideas.

Arriving to Denmark, I was lucky to get a role in a large bank’s newly started innovation team where my main task was to design & lead creative workshops to solve the bank’s specific problems.

The constant practice of facilitating teamwork, finishing my MSc in Innovation Management at Copenhagen Business School, and getting my certification as a business facilitator raised my skills to a level where I was confident to start Innovation Haven.

 Why I do what I do in Innovation Haven?

Let me ask you, do people feel energized at your workplace blooming with creative ideas?

Oftentimes, they do not, but it is not their fault. People are bombarded by emails, rushing from one meeting to another caught up in the repetitive swirl of corporate life, how could they find the time to feel inspired?!

This is what I want to change with Innovation Haven!

“Haven” means “safe place, refuge” in English, and “garden” in Danish.

This is what Innovation Haven is all about. 

Supporting organizations in shifting towards effective, human centric collaboration and finding direction in complex problems through strategic planning, soft-skill trainings and teambuilding.

Our workshops and trainings are based on a tailor-made system of collaboration and problem solving activities creating an effective, safe and joyful space where teams to tap into their full potential.

The team behind Innovation Haven

Viktor Beregszászi: Certified Business Facilitator, MSc of Innovation Management and Business Development

Reza Mirza: Advisory Board in Fintech & Business Development

Janus Nielsen: Advisory Board in Startup Relations & Business Development

Ferenc Rébeli Szabó: Advisory Board in Communication

Claus Fardal: Advisory Board in Sales and Business Strategy

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I am glad that you are here!

Innovatively yours,