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I believe in transparency and trust with my readers so I want to highlight some points for you to know when you are reading Innovationhaven.com.

I earn money in several ways through Innovation Haven. Mainly through planning and running workshops, and also through selling products and earning affiliate commissions.

Some of some links you see on Innovation Haven are affiliate links. This means that if you buy a product through one of these links, then I receive a small compensation. Using affiliate links is a simple type of advertising method that are often used by many websites to generate revenue. I highly appreciate your trust and I only recommend products and services that I use or investigated and I think that they can really bring value for you.

I want to highlight that the workshop tools and best-practices showcased on the Innovation Haven Blog are for informational purposes only. They are for your inspiration to experiment with, and to improve the effectiveness of your innovation events. However, whether you are successful in employing these methods are dependent upon many factors including, but not limited to, your experience in leading teamwork, your participants willingness to cooperate with you, the fit of the actual workshop tool to your circumstances, etc. Because of these many factors, I cannot and do not guarantee your full success of using the tools showcased on the Innovation Haven Blog. In my innovation consulting services I make sure that these factors are optimized for you hence greatly raising the probability to achieve your goals.

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