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What is innovation in Innovation Haven?

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Let me tell you a secret, doing innovation is a bit similar to doing workout.

You may ask, how could they be similar? One is about creating and implementing novel ideas, while the other is lifting heavy things.

But hear me out…

Either doing innovation or training, people have a goal they want to achieve, a vision where they want to be in the future.

As sportsmen know that if they train, then they can achieve their dream physique, or simply they can stay healthy. Companies also have to work their “innovation muscles” to achieve their dreamed state, or simply to stay competitive and survive the tides of time.

Is this really about survival?

Yes. You might have heard the innovation horror stories of Kodak or the ice cube industry. They are good examples of bad decisions showing what could happen if a firm is not able to keep up with the changes of time. (If you haven’t heard of these stories then feel free to check them out here (Kodak, Ice harvesting) and be the smartest person in the next meeting.)

In short, innovation is as important for your company’s health as workout for yours.

Still, not a lot of firms take innovation seriously, and maybe even less people stick with their new year’s resolution and keep training after January.

And what is the reason for this?

Both innovation and exercising are hard!

Training makes our muscles sore and we need to learn proper technique not to injure ourselves. Finally, even if you spend days on finding the right sources and learn how to train on your own, you have to figure out how to stay motivated and keep visiting the gym day after day.

Innovation can also be just as hard. Cooper says that around 6 out of 7 innovation projects fail, while other researchers paint an even grimmer picture. Innovation requires a different mindset compared to the day-to-day thinking in corporations. If you pursue innovation, you should be ready to come up with ideas, evaluate them and test them quickly. Be ready to fail, but do it quickly, cheaply, while learning through the journey to find the best direction for moving forward.

In a nutshell, either if you innovate or train, you want to do it right.

I have to tell you the truth, I might not be the most muscular guy around the block, but what I do know about is innovation. I know how to guide teams to use their creativity to the fullest, come up with creative ideas and evaluate them so fast that it seems unreal compared to traditional meetings.

This is where I can assist you. Helping to come up with many out-of-the box ideas to solve a problem of yours, identifying the most promising ones, which you can use to progress further. As Jake Knapp says in his book; Sprint – “Find the right direction at the start of the project before going full steam ahead.”

Does it still seem a bit intangible?

As I run creative workshops, imagine me like a good trainer in the gym.

I will not do the heavy lifting in your place, nor will I stick around for all of your workouts. What I do is plan and run a process tailormade for you to reach your goals. I guide you through exercises in which you can use all your creativity to create solution ideas. I ensure that you effortlessly go through the idea generation and evaluation phases of innovation so you will be ready to progress further with the created solution ideas.

So how do you like to innovate?

Maybe you prefer to learn, read articles and lead your team through the idea creation yourself. Well, then you might find these articles interesting to get the basics right.    Blog

Or maybe you want quick and more certain results from your ideation initiatives with professional support. Then, you might be interested in my consulting services. Feel free to schedule a call with me.    Book a call with me

I wish you the best in your creative endeavours!

Innovatively yours,

Viktor B.


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Hi, I am Viktor and I am here to share my experiences on creating innovative ideas through guiding fun and effective teamwork. I am a workshop facilitator, trainer, and an overall innovation geek. Let me share with you how to spark creativity and innovation!

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